• Martin Packard

Top Tips for Building Profit in Busy Times

It’s all very well to concentrate on filling your establishment in the quiet times. You’re right, that’s absolutely what you should do but there are money making tweaks you should be practicing when you’re busy as well.

If all your seats have bums surely there is nothing else you can do is there? This is by far the best time to increase your spend per head and there are a number of things you can do to enable this.

Your menu: This largely depends on your clientele and style of service but you might suggest appropriate side dishes with each main course, highlight high priced/high profit items, pair wines with certain dishes and recommend drinks guests may have whilst they are looking at the menu.

Waiting Team: When asked for recommendations for food or drinks make sure they know the items that create the biggest profit margin for you. It sounds so simple but this little tip can create a difference of 2-3% on overall GP. They also need to know the menu inside out to create confidence especially if they are going to recommend certain dishes. It’s no use suggesting a £6 upgrade on a steak if they don’t know what the soup is. Planting the seed for a dessert when ordering a main course can increase dessert sales by up to 63%. Can you really afford not to?

Kitchen Team: It’s a given that 99% of people dining with you are going to eat a main course so you need to put just as much effort into making the starters and desserts as appealing as possible.

Alternatives: Not many people eat a 3 course meal these days but there is safety in numbers so it might be an idea to try sharing starters for the non committal. Also remember you can make as much profit on a coffee as you can a dessert so make sure you have these on the menu too right by the dessert section.

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