• Martin Packard

Do you need a classically trained chef?

It's no secret that the concept of what a chef is has change. It used to be that the only real way to unlock the secrets of how to create a gastronomic event was to pick up your knives, be classically trained and cut your teeth so to speak in the hot, loud, often violent world of the professional kitchen. Over the past few years the goal posts have changed in quite a few ways. Information about food, famous chefs and their recipes are far more accessible thanks to the internet and the daily barrage of TV programs. In addition there has been to fast introduction of convenience food into commercial kitchens meaning unskilled workers can provide a mediocre meal to a demanding budget for the masses. Anyone with some common sense, an internet connection and an interest in cooking can forge a living cooking for an ever demanding clientele. But is it good practice to employ these people for your business? That is a good questions. I've always said, anyone can follow a recipe but it's when things go wrong that you need a chef. Its a bit like give a man a fish, teach a man to fish. I believe if you employ someone who has learnt how to cook on the internet you will get a selection of other peoples dishes but a chef who has gone through structured training learns the science behind the food and with this knowledge, the World and your menu is your oyster.

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