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Food Service Design

A Comprehensive Approach

Purple Egg is highly-skilled with over 30 years of experience in the commercial kitchen industry. Our consultants are chefs by trade, and this provides our business with an enhanced knowledge enabling us to design the very best of commercial kitchens with a workflow from a chef’s point of view.

Our aim is to create commercial kitchen layouts that are tailor-made to suit your menu, cooking style and business operations. Our catering consultants can suggest innovative, creative ideas to help you plan your restaurant, care home or hotel kitchen to be ergonomic and efficient, which will help towards improved profitability for your business. 

The three prime considerations we have when starting a kitchen design are:

Service requirement

We consider the type of service the kitchen has to provide – how many covers are being served, whether it is a la carte menu, plated service, self-service, or cafeteria-style etc.

Space available

Is the space allocated sufficient to fit in the equipment required?


We ascertain from the start an accurate idea of the spend available.