Making Bread


My turnover is substantial. Why do I need a consultant?

Your turnover is doing well, that’s great news. If you are busy, its prime time to check your GP is maximised. With great revenue comes great rewards as long as you are making profit. There are a number of strategies that can be put in place to make sure your business is firing on all cylinders.

I could do everything a consultant does, I just don’t have time.

I understand the struggle with time as I have run a number of my own businesses. With the never-ending list of jobs and increasing trade coming out of a pandemic, the likelihood is, you will never have time. However, a good consultant can help with this too. There are systems which can be put in place to help free up some of your time as well as fine tuning your operation.

The business isn’t working and I don’t know what direction it needs to go in to succeed.

A consultant is a great way of getting an experienced fresh set of eyes on your business. At Purple Egg we will have a range of solutions based on your budget and even give you predicted outcomes.

Isn’t a consultant expensive?

At Purple Egg, if we don’t think the rewards of our support will be repaid, we won’t undertake the work. With a one of consultation, we will make sure you are fully set up and know what needs to be undertaken to achieve your goal. Obviously with continued support, we will be there, right alongside you to make sure everything goes to plan.

Are you collaborative or are you going to try to take over my business?

Yes, absolutely. We will get as involved as you like with you business and your team. We can even work completely covertly, gaining information without anyone but you knowing about it then advising you in private, even away from your premises if needed.

How specific is your knowledge of my particular trade?

My knowledge of the hospitality industry is very broad, rural to urban, independent to worldwide corporation, cafes, restaurants, hotels, leisure, healthcare, contracts as well as my own businesses. This eclectic experience will give me a much more holistic view of your business and what will have a positive effect on it.

What is your process for going about your work?

We have a process of prioritising work starting with changes which have the most effect in the quickest time at the least cost and we work backwards from here.